Musicianship testimonials 

“Marianne has many fantastic techniques and strategies that have helped me to learn to sight sing better. She has also taught me a lot about music theory in a fun and accessible way.   
She is kind, approachable and funny.   
If you wish to develop your singing technique or musicianship skill with a supportive, nurturing teacher then she's a great choice.”      
Sophie Baker 


“Thank you very much for all your encouragement in the last couple of years. Although there is still much to learn, you have helped my confidence in musicianship grow enormously. I've had so much fun and lots of laughter in your classes and there's lots which I shall remember to make me smile!”   

“Your kindness, your interest in each of us personally and your happy approach to learning, has left me feeling much enriched by my times with you.”      
Helen Rudnicki   


“What I like and what I have learnt.   
The intimacy of Marianne's home coupled with being such a small group. Marianne is very willing to explain any point that I haven't understood and does so with great patience. Marianne's classes include 80-90% of practicable exercises rather than just theory; I wish that this had happened at school, all those years ago! We laugh a great deal; the atmosphere is relaxing and we all feel that good progress is being made; this is reflected when learning new songs at my other choirs, especially when I am handed out sheet music, which has been ‘double Dutch’ to me in the past. We spend time learning and practising rhythms by doing exercises, either by clapping, speaking or tapping different rhythms which slowly builds up as we gain confidence and capability. (Always a good laugh when we get into a muddle and are all out of sync. with each other.) I hope that the above is helpful and do hope that you will at least try one session (our group car share which gives us the opportunity for discussion afterwards);   
I can't recommend such an activity more highly, for those of us who enjoy singing but struggle at times.”      
David Osler  


“Marianne makes Music Theory fun and accessible, she's endlessly patient and finds creative ways around our various learning stumbling blocks. We have a lot of fun and I have gained a real sense of achievement from my progress.”      
Wendy Clifford   


“With grateful thanks Marianne for ‘holding my hand’ around the musical stave with your unending patience and humour and for making the past two years with you teaching the rudiments of reading music both fun and interesting……and we've progressed!”   

“When telling friends about my Tuesday evening classes, I have explained that what could be dry and boring, really isn't with you!”      
Di Giles 


“My confidence to sing out and hold my part has increased enormously. Working in a group where we all have different strengths has helped us to develop our skills in sight-singing using sol-fa, improve our sense of rhythm and hear the beauty of different modal scales.”      
Allison Barnett  


“Thank you Marianne,   
for all the fun, learning and hilarious blunders - and for your companionship in our little group. My best wishes”      
Love Janette Tams