Did You Know Learning to Read Music, can be Fun?

  • Enjoy Learning to Sight Sing
  • Improve your Musicianship Skills
  • Learn Great Methods to Decipher all Rhythms
  • The Joy of Sight Singing in Parts
  • Unlock the Codes of Music Notation



Led by the experienced musicianship/sight singing and singing teacher Marianne Lihannah at Stroud Singing Lessons.               01453 299 225 / 07942 868 234

    Improve your Musicianship Skills by taking Classes by Singing Teacher Marianne Lihannah

    “A Musician Sees with his Ears & Hears with his Eyes” (Arthur Schnabel, pianist)



     Finally a Chance to Unlock the Codes of Music Notation Quickly

    & Enjoy Learning Rhythm, Melody & Sight-singing.

    I run regular classes in sight singing (musicianship skills) locally in Gloucestershire, this includes sight singing, rhythms, ear training etc. using Tonalis' unique methodologies. These groups are also very popular indeed as they enable participants to improve their musicianship skills relatively quickly. The social aspect of the groups makes learning very enjoyable as opposed to ‘hard’, which it can sometimes be if one struggles on one's own. It is also possible to have a group of two and even individual sight singing lessons.

    All aspects of musical learning are connected.  So you’ll be sight-singing, clapping rhythms, writing  music down, improvising, doing hand signs and movement, as well as developing your aural skills, while having a great time.


    IMPROVE YOUR AURAL  SKILLS                                                                                                                                                               No musicianship classes are complete without working with ‘Aural Skills’, as music is an aural art, namely ‘sound’.                         Aural is all about understanding and processing music that you hear and see. By doing so, you will find that your own playing and singing improve enormously. You will be able to sing/play more expressively, be more sensitive to quality of tone; more aware of intonation and improve your ability to memorize music.


    KINAESTHETIC/PHYSICAL LEARNING & SOUND AT SIGHT/VISUAL LEARNING                                                                             Marianne will be using well-researched & extremely effective, proven methods, e.g. melody reading and rhythm syllable systems.        She will use games as well, which also have been developed by Tonalis whilst teaching to a wide cross-section of music students of all abilities.  Also Sol Fa syllables (i.e. Do-Re-Mi, etc.) and hand signs which provide a physical, visible and spatial connection to the sound of scales.                                                                                                                                                                                         The Sol Fa system is an extremely efficient way of learning sight singing. It enables sight-singers to easily pitch tricky intervals, if they use the hand signs and Sol Fa syllables regularly. Mapping Sol Fa on the body, using gestures that show the rise and fall of a melody or a scale is a very immediate way of both working visually, aurally & kinaesthetically.


    WHO IS THE CLASS FOR?                                                                                                                                                                     These classes move step by step through all aspects involved, helping you to develop your musicianship skills. This means that virtually anyone who is interested in learning or improving their sight-singing, rhythmic and aural skills will find them useful. 

    If you have an incomplete or intuitive understanding of music, these classes could also help to build a solid foundation.                Some people have barriers & fears with regards to music reading and aural work. 

    By attending these regular musicianship classes you will be able to overcome such inner obstacles. Choir singers in particular will find that all the musicianship skills needed in choir singing will be worked with. 

    Also if you are a musician taking the grade exams, e.g. ABRSM – these classes will help you immensely with developing your musicianship skills and being able to pass your exam.


    New classes are starting when I have enough people requesting the same level class.
    Spaces are Sometimes Available in Current Classes

    Fees: £12 each weekly 2 hour session with a break in the middle.

    If there are only two or one pupil in the class, a different price will be set accordingly.


    WHICH CLASS ARE YOU INTERESTED IN? Beginner:                                                                                                                                                                                             Foundation: (Circa grade 3)                                                                                                                                                               Intermediate:(Circa grade 5)


    “Marianne makes Music Theory fun and accessible, she's endlessly patient and finds creative ways around our various learning stumbling blocks. We have a lot of fun and I have gained a real sense of achievement from my progress.” 
    Wendy Clifford 

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